The traditional icing method of "20 miniutes on, 20 minutes off" can be dangerous and does not work well. Direct ice-to-skin contact can cause ice burns in as little as 10-15 minutes and even 20 minutes of icing doesn't cool your muscles and tendons enough to heal you faster.

With 43° Cold Therapy Pads you can ice for extended periods of time safely, allowing for enough time to cool your muscles and promote effective healing, without risking damage to your skin or nerves.

After 5 years in development, we are proud to offer a revolutionary and safe cold therapy technology.

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Caution: Do not wrap too tightly. Extreme stretching can cut off circulation to the affected area. If pain, discomfort, or discoloration occurs, loosen the wrap. Do not leave the 43 Cold Therapy Pad applied while sleeping. Never attempt to microwave or expose to open flame.